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Why Knowledge Is NOT Power

You have lost your way in a steaming jungle.

Your burning eyes strain to pierce the ruthless vegetation that has shredded your clothes. Your team has vanished. You have no food. No water. No shelter. Nature smothers your every move.

Nature's savage bugs claw your skin. Creepy creatures scramble the shadows. Snakes slither silently. Primates howl from the canopy.

You realize this is "it."

It is simple. Today, you survive or you die. No bargaining. No crying or moaning. No second chances.

Suddenly, a deluge of angry rain drowns your senses. It's getting darker.

Feeling powerless, you're screaming angry that you ever agreed to this risky project!

Desperately, you pull out your soggy copy of Bear Grylls’ Bible: "Man vs. Wild: Survival Techniques from the Most Dangerous Places on Earth."

BearGryllsBear Grylls

But, Grylls' Bible only gives you knowledge. So what gives you power?

Yes, so where does your Personal Power come from?

You have heard "knowledge is power" hundreds of times. But, this tired cliché is NOT a formula... you realize... Knowledge does NOT equal power.

Why Knowledge is NOT Power

Knowledge is only potential – it’s only your awareness or possession of information, facts, ideas, truths, or principles. Likewise...

Power is only potential – it’s only your ability, skill, or capacity to do something.

Thus, knowledge does not contain power.

Foggy JungleLost!

The question is, how do you transform your knowledge into power?

How to Transform Knowledge into Power

What is the key element that transforms potentials into actualities? What is the key factor that transforms us...

Deep-down, you know your power depends on your own intentions and efforts... your purpose is to SURVIVE this jungle, and your actions must align with your purpose in being here in the first place.

Sure, you're lost in the jungle with cuts and bruises. Finally, you calm down... you study Grylls' advice, create your plan and take appropriate actions...

Days later...

You followed the expert's manual. You worked your plan, swam through subterranean pools, and found the treasure...

Now, you're out of harm's way and telling electrifying stories to admiring family and friends.

Subterrainian Pool
Which way to the treasure?

Your power depends on how you apply your knowledge.

The law of the jungle: Your power comes from:

Question: Do YOU have the Moxie to Transform the Knowledge in The Ultimate Career Builder into YOUR Power?

Now, suppose you had a book that gives you “survival techniques for the hairiest jobs on earth.”

Could you combine this book's knowledge with your intention and efforts to clear the way through your career jungle?

You know it's a jungle out there!

Could this book be the hidden step on your ladder of success?

Check out our Bible of "Survival Techniques for the Hairiest Jobs on Earth." The Ultimate Career Builder


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So, what is the Knowledge is Power Series?

The Knowledge Is Power Series provides you with knowledge and tools you can use to create your own power and success in your business or profession.

We help you get promoted.

... an obvious lesson for you ... don't assume that anyone — your boss, your peer, or your subordinate — knows the good work you are doing. They are all probably focused on their own jobs and concerns. Do things to let them know...
- Jeffrey Pfeffer, Harvard Business Review

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